Monday, December 8, 2008


I finally finished my Christmas cards and sent them off to printed. Literally like minutes ago! What a relief. And can I just say I LOVE VistaPrint. No, I get nothing out of giving them a free plug but I was completely happy with them last year for our cards I did and I am so proud of the deal I just got. 100 cards, 30 note cards (that I designed), 140 holiday return address labels and a return address stamp all for $60! I couldn't have bought 100 Christmas cards at the store for that! Plus they have free express shipping on orders over $30 right now so I should see those puppies by early next week for sure. Yippee! So of course I can't show off the adorable shot I got of the boys yet...don't want to spoil it...oh what the heck, I can't help myself! This is the shot I used for the cards.

I'm just so darn happy not only did I get a shot of the two of them sitting near each other but I got the cards all done all in the same day! And I think it came out just as adorable as can be. ;)

The boys were very sleepy today...makes me wonder what kind of night I am in for since they slept longer than usual both this morning and at nap time. We had a low-key kind of day but I may regret that tonight...

Okay, off to do some more holiday decorating before turning it. Have a great night everyone!


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