Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jingle bells, jingle bells...

So today was an exhausting questions about it. Started off by us waking up late. Which usually would be a good thing but we have stuff to go to on Wed that we are supposed to be there at 9. No biggie...I don't mind being a little late. So we get there and find out they canceled it since the schools here had a 2 hour delay. Um...guess I need to start listening to the radio or watching the news or something with the snow. Our PDO program cancels for the day if the schools here are either delayed or closed. Fun, fun...lesson learned.

So before we left the house one of the repair people had already showed up. And of course hubby wasn't home so I politely asked if he would mind either going to his next job or waiting for me to run my kiddos to school. Luckily he was a super nice guy and waited. Then he even put up with my crazy dog who likes to lick everyone while he was fixing the windows (we have a new house and there were a few things they are looking at or repairing for our 3 month check-up. Kind of cool to have this done). But then it seemed just one person after another showed up and between the kids, the dog and the repair people my house was crazy for the morning. The boys wanted to know what the people here were doing and kept trying to show them their various toys. The dog (while inside) wouldn't leave the poor guy alone and wanted to play or lick the poor guy to death. So I finally get the dog outside and the kids settled in the basement with the TV that does work (did I mentioned the TV also decided to die on me today in our main floor living room?), a snack and low and behold they all finish up and leave. Whew. And all that before 10:15!

Then of course the next round starts when I am trying to make the boys lunch and feed them. Can't come in between the snack and lunch can you? Oh's just the way life is. I had to laugh at it all.

I got my first taste of shoveling the driveway today. Can't say it is something I would like to do every day but in all honesty it wasn't that bad. I need to exercise and if it didn't kill my back so much would probably be more willing to do it. I am kind of digging the snow if truth be known. I always thought I would be a big wimp int he cold but can I just say with the right clothes and shoes it just doesn't seem to phase you. Now ask me again when it drops below 0 and I may tell you a different story. But for now it has been rather enjoyable and I just wish it would snow more so we can go and play!

Okay, have more fun stories about the boys but am wiped out and must get sleep. Cookie decorating tomorrow night with the gals and I need to be awake for it!


Jill Scott said...

My cold threshold is 20 degrees. When it gets below that, I'm not lovin' it anymore.

Jill H said...

Sounds like a crazy day! I can relate- seems like most of mine are like that :) Call me when you get a chance!


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