Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another week about to start

Ah, Sunday night, another week about to start and kick into high gear. The days just seem to run together these days though. A lot on my mind. A lot to do. So many things that start churning up in this little head this time of year. I miss my dad. Terribly. M reminds me of my dad...a lot. Funny how that happens.

Cameron and Noah go for a check up this week. I have to admit I am nervous. I have tried so hard not to worry but I have finally just given in. Noah doesn't speak as much as I think a child his age should. I pray it is just the twin thing. I truly do. But you know how you get that mommy instinct and you just know there is something else? Well, I guess if you are a guy you wouldn't know. But trust me. If you ever get a strong gut feeling about something then you know. I truly pray I am wrong. I pray I am just worrying and have let other people get into my head (I have been known to do that from time to time). So, I fill my time with other things this week trying to keep busy and not worry.

Facebook is a funny thing. I had some friends invite me to "join" over the last few years and I just never knew much about it so never did. I finally jumped on the bandwagon. It is a neat site I must admit. I have had fun catching up with old friends. People who I had wondered about for a while and hoped some day our paths would cross again. Technology is a wonderful thing...most of the time. ;)


Jill Scott said...

Try not to worry so much about Noah. All kids start talking at different ages, and there is quite a wide range. I know it's hard to not worry, I think we all do, regardless of what we hear or read. My oldest didn't start talking until she was closer to 3, but my youngest started speaking in complete sentences before she was 2. Vastly different.

Jill H said...

I know my situation does not help ease your fears, but as long as he is communicating his needs, saying some words, saying mommy, daddy, things like that, using pretend play, etc. I would not worry too much. Does he seem to be devloping normally? Is it just speech delay? If it is speech delay only I would not worry too much- boys typically start to talk later anyway- and it especially may seem delayed if Cameron is talking a lot more.


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