Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday again already?

Noah got 2 more teeth this weekend. Explains him waking up at 12:30 am and just wanting to be rocked. The next morning at breakfast we noticed they had finally come through. So now the guys both have 6 teeth! I can't believe it. I guess before too long they will start getting their back teeth...that should be fun.

The weeks are flying by. So much to do and all I want to do is get online and scrap. This is way too addictive. Had to work on some announcements and a thank you for some people this weekend so not a whole lot of scrapping but will get some done this week for sure. It really helps being involved in challenges and such for me. I get excited and just start creating pages. I'm about to have to pack up all my paper stuff and put it in storage for the move but thankfully I discovered digital! I wonder if I will go back to paper with everything being in storage for as many months as it is going to be. Hmm...maybe M was right...maybe I should start looking for new homes for my paper stuff. Still not ready to though yet...

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