Saturday, February 16, 2008

How cool is that?

I was over at Bunny Cate's blog and came across her mentioning Project 365. So of course since I got the new camera for Christmas I was curious what it was all about. Sooooo...I think I am going to do it too. I practically take photos every day anyway but I think this will actually challenge me to take more than just photos of my kiddos. But I can't help taking their photos because they are just so gosh darn cute!

You know, I have used the word "challenge" a lot lately. I find myself thinking about work and my life now that I am a SAHM. I am sure everyone goes through this sort of thing at some point, but it has really been hitting me hard lately about being just a mom. I feel like I have no identity any longer. I am okay with just being a mom. It's the best job in the whole world but everyone else has a life and I feel like I have nothing to contribute anymore. Sounds strange saying this but I just can't explain it any better.

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