Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another week almost come and gone...

I really need to sit and download the gazillion pictures on both of my cameras. I have resorted to the point and shoot when the other is upstairs and no handy. So now I have 200+ on that one and I am sure much the same on the other. How can I take that many photos in just a few days? I guess I just love my boys!

Rough night with Noah, he was up twice and both times I had to hold him and he just wouldn't go back to sleep. Strange. Then Cameron woke up the second time and decided he wanted to stand in his crib and dance and talk 2:30 in the morning. Okay, the dog felt left out so he woke me at 3:00 to go walk around the patio! Then hubby got up at 5:00 because he was going out of town. So, did I get any sleep last night? I think I am on adrenaline now...which probably isn't going to bode well for tomorrow night when I actually get to go and do something BUNCO!

So I don't think I ever got around to posting this layout. Noah had just learned to give hugs and he walked up and gave Cameron a big hug, it knocked him over! It was the cutest thing. What made me think about this today was Noah was sitting in his little chair today and Cameron came up and climbed up next to him. Noah leaned over and hugged Cameron (which looked like he was actually trying to strangle him more than hug him) and the both fell on the floor again. I just had to laugh, every time Noah gives Cameron a hug they end up on the floor!

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