Friday, June 6, 2008

Where did you learn that?

The boys were playing with calculators and keys today. Noah had taken the keys from Cameron at one point and went to the door and was trying to put them in the door knob. Where did he learn this? I know they see me do it numerous times a day now but that has only been a few days. Wow do they pick up things so easily at this age. I was so shocked he did it and just amazed. They continue to amaze me nearly every day.

They are really getting good at pointing to various body parts. Very cute...especially when Cameron does his nose. Most of the time he actually takes his thumb and points to his nose so it is too funny to me. They learned their knees and hands today. Fun, fun.

House hunting can be so frustrating! We found a house tonight that fits nearly everything we are looking for in a house, even in the price range we were looking. Just not sure about the neighborhood because it is very new. Ugh...I hate not knowing an area! I know we will find the right one at the right time and have to be patient. But this is getting very tiring already. Especially with M out of town a lot.

Noah has taken to wearing Mardi Gras beads. I think his daddy isn't too thrilled about this. Especially when he puts the pearl ones on. :) I think it's cute but he isn't encouraging it. Noah seems to become very attached to things and right now it is the beads...


Mel @ MCA Designs said...

They are so cute at this age. I am glad you are able to enjoy it, even in the midst of the move. Tell your hubby that the bead phase will pass. I remember mine freaked about my son deciding his favorite color was pink. I finally asked ds why it was his favorite color..."because pigs are pink." So there you go.

It is funny about the different social cultures too. Most people who move to TN from out west cannot get over how life slows down and people are genuinely interested in talking to you.

Hope you find your house soon!

Margaret said...

I love their overalls, and the Mardi gras beads. It is harmless and will pass. Beware! Kids notice EVERYTHING, even if we are not aware of it! They are extremely observant.


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