Saturday, June 28, 2008

What happened to Friday?

Wow, yesterday just disappeared. What happened to it? I dunno. Oh well, I did get to scrap a page this morning. :) And I still need to finish the page this was based on for my lesson this week. I just felt the need to do this one for some reason. Gotta get it done when the inspiration strikes...or at least I do. Kit I used was Dee Dee by Amy Sumrall, Overlay by Veronia Autumn Kit, Circle template for photos by Jessica Sprague.

I am really enjoying the class by Jessica Sprague, just had some technical difficulties with the good old computer this week so haven't had a chance to do the whole lesson yet. Hopefully tonight after the boys go to bed.

I think we are going to get Noah's first haircut today! I am so nervous. My little guy is in desperate need of a haircut. I have been in denial but there is no longer any way I can deny it...he NEEDS it cut. Sniff, sniff. He isn't going to look like my little baby any longer I know. He will be instantly transformed into the little boy he really has become (and mommy just hasn't been ready to deal with that). They have both just all of the sudden grown into little boys and are no longer little babies. They like to snuggle but not the old baby way they used to. Now they crawl into your lap and want you to read a book or they lay their head on your shoulder. Before they would curl up in your arms and just be all snuggled. Hard to explain I guess but it is just different. Or maybe I am just not ready for them to start growing up. Or maybe it is both. :)

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