Thursday, June 5, 2008

Getting in the groove

Wow, I didn't remember how long it takes you to get in the groove of a new place. And I have never done this with kiddos before. I think in some ways having them has made it a little easier. Sounds funny I know but they are my buddies, my little travel partners. I just wish the dog would adjust a little better. He has taken to the patio to escape the craziness of the kiddos running after him. Before he had somewhere to escape, now we are in a small apartment and he has no where to go. Poor thing!

I tried to scrap last night. Didn't get much done because the boys kept waking up. But I have a page in mind and am putting it together as time allows. M returns tonight so that may be my "break." I am wiped out from taking the kiddos and dog up and down the stairs. Who needs a gym when you live in an apartment on the second floor with 2 toddlers and a dog. They will learn how to go down the stairs shortly after we move I am sure. He, he.

There are so many funny things about being in a new city. I will have to snap a picture on one of our walks today because I find this too funny. So you'll have to wait for that one. But they have no street lights here so it is really dark at night. The highways have no feeder roads so if you accidentally get on the highway it may be a while before you can get off. (Can you tell I did that yesterday.) :) People are very friendly and will just chat with you no matter where you are. I went through a drive thru yesterday afternoon and the guy at the window was just talking away. I thought it was kinda cool. Hmm...I know there are tons of other things but must get finished getting dressed as I hear the boys stirring. Hope everyone has a great day!


4 Twin Boys & a Princess said...

Hi Lee Anne! It is SO funny to hear your comments on the ways up north in this post; this is EXACTLY how MN, WI, and ND are (where I am from). I LOVE how dark it gets at night, but I DON'T miss the miles of highways before a turnaround... People are very friendly up there, for sure! I didn't know what a "feeder" road was until I moved to TX. Well, your buyers are settled in and very happy with their new home. Yay! I hope you find something soon; keep me posted. I LOVE keeping up with your blogspot. You make me appreciate MY twin boys all over again! :) Janell

theladybugpages said...

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Margaret said...

Feeder road? We have freeway exits and entrances and if you're out in nowhere land, you'll have to drive for a few miles to get off. In more suburban areas, there are many exits you can take. It sounds like you are adjusting pretty well though, except Indy. Poor doggie!


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