Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby books

I am so determined to get the boy's baby books done this year. Or at least caught up I guess I should say. I actually have 2 different ones. One that has all the "info" in it and this one that I have started with photos and such. The paper one is all the info about my husband, myself and our families. This one I want to be about their lives with lots and lots of photos and info. I want them to know about when they were born and who all the people in their lives are/were. That is one thing I don't like about my past...I have no idea who most people were/are from when I was a child. Maybe guys don't care as much as gals but they will have it none the less. :) Kit used is Precious Boy by Erica Hite and I also used her baby book template. Font was Orlando.

The house is coming along. We went yesterday and met with the builder. They got the basement framed, had put the plumbing in for the bathroom in the basement and the surround sound ran. The lighting fixtures had arrived but were the wrong ones so he had them redo so that will take a little more time. Over all I think it is going to end up a pretty home. I am excited and anxious to just get in!

Working on some more papers for the MCA Overlays. They are so fantastic and I am learning so much by playing with her tutorial and overlays I just don't want to stop. I am so addicted now!

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Michelle said...

It's a nice feeling when you get everything perfect. :-) I know I'm working on it--housewise.


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