Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a nice weekend. We took the boys to a Children's Festival Saturday morning. Next year will be even more fun because I think they will actually understand and participate. But they still seemed to enjoy things. I think all the noise and happenings wore them out quickly. We lasted about 30 minutes before we hit meltdown status. M took them to some car thing this morning. Don't get me to lying and try to tell you what it was because I couldn't if my life depending on it. I just know it had to do with race cars. I at least got some much needed cleaning done while they were away so that was a good thing.

This will be the new place once it is complete. As you can see by the front yard it isn't finished. :) The inside has a lot left to do as well but hey, it will be home in about 5-6 more weeks...if we survive the tiny apartment. :)

In kind of a scrapping rut. I got ACDSEE the other day and am obsessing about getting all my stuff organized. And I did this right now because? I don't know. I have been wondering about the software a while now and came across a heck of a deal I couldn't pass up. So I bought it and have been spending my time on the computer trying to get all my items tagged and ready to use. I think it is going to make my scrapping life SO much easier. Am loving the software so far. Just wish I could take an entire day and get the stuff organized. I am terrible when I have a project hanging over my head...just want to get it done.


Margaret said...

The house is going to be awesome! It's beautiful. I can't wait to see photos of the inside, once it's done of course.

Anonymous said...

Hey sis! Love the new house! Tell that busy brother of mine to call me when he gets some time. Sara and I just got back from the Bahamas, so we're ready to trade some pictures with you guys. Hope all is well!


4 Twin Boys & a Princess said...

What a pretty house! How many square feet, etc? Tell me all the details! :) Sounds like you are getting behind the power curve! Janell


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