Saturday, May 3, 2008


Oh my gosh I am so thankful it is finally Friday. This week has killed me. Even though I am not sure where all the time went. It's just been exhausting. I even fell asleep tonight while I should have been completing a layout for a contest I was doing. Yikes! I loaded that puppy about 2 minutes before the deadline. Talk about cutting it close! Not my best layout ever but I had to stop working on it to post it or miss out. So here is the one I am talking about. I'll post the other 2 another day. This was pretty much just PSE 6 items used with the exception of the brushes were by Obsidian Dawn. Font was Scriptina and Papyrus.

Well, we had our first major boo-boo yesterday. Noah went to give Cameron a hug and they fell over (as usual when this happens) right into our entertainment center. Right on the bottom edge. First thought when I saw this happening and where he hit was this was not going to be good. When I picked him up though he just looked like he was going to have a bump on his head. Oh no, after a few second I saw his eye was bleeding. I went into panic mode. I finally got him to where I could look at it and it was on the outside of his eye right in the corner, about an inch long. I still was worried that he may have hurt his eye so I called the pediatrician's office and talked with a nurse. I didn't want to go zooming to the emergency room if I didn't have to. Mommy instincts were right, no redness of the inner eye, etc. Nothing they could really do for him except clean it up and try to put cool washcloths on it...which he wouldn't really let me do of course when you are talking about a 16 month old toddler.

So, of course after all calmed down and he was back to playing I had to pull out the camera. Perfect scrapping material. So I am sure you will see the lovely photos after I get them scrapped soon. I felt horrible since I was sitting right next to them and when Noah went to hug him I was thinking how sweet. I know, I happens and I have to get used to it. But nothing compares to your first time. I can say that first hand having had to take Noah to the emergency room when he was 10 days old...nothing prepares you for that first time.

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Margaret said...

I love the hat and the eyes! (but the accident, not so much) My younger child has three sets of stitches in her face from falling on things-a wagon, a slide, a powerbox. Each time, I was a wreck.


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