Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cameron and Noah continue to crack me up. A few weeks ago Cameron had tumbled over and I laughed. He thought it was funny he could get a laugh so started to intentionally fall over and look at me to make sure I was laughing. He did it again tonight. Do I have a class clown on my hands or what? And both of the them have discovered spinning in circles and making themselves dizzy. So funny to watch!

I got to scrap last night! Yippee!!!! We had bought these poppers last weekend and they LOVE these things! They have no batteries and just are old fashioned toys. They run all over the place with them throughout the day. The kit I used was Counting Flies by MCA Designs. Great kit! And the font was BoyzRGross.

Only five more days to go! The count down is officially started. So ready!!!!!! Packing is coming along but jeez, I will be so happy when I no longer have to say I am packing. And the unpacking won't come for several weeks so woo-hoo...I'll at least have a little break in there. :)

So go, enjoy your holiday weekend (if you are where you have one). I myself and going to enjoy family coming to visit tomorrow and then off to some friends for a BBQ. What better way to enjoy the day. :)


Mel @ MCA Designs said...

Your pages look great! The twins are such cutie pies too! Hoping your move goes smoothly.

Margaret said...

I love kids at that age; they are so funny and cute. I do have to tell you though that your babies are looking like little boys these days!


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