Monday, May 26, 2008

T minus 2 days and counting

Wow...only two more days and we are outta here! Packing is coming along. I am about out of boxes and the box store is closed today for the holiday. Oh shucks. But it will stress me out tomorrow when we are trying to finish up I am sure. :(

I actually scrapped a layout last night. Man, two in just a couple of days...what's up with that? I guess I need the stress relief or something. Noah had a meltdown just as I was finishing it up so didn't get to post last night. I used Colie's kit Sweet Cheeks and the fonts were Granouille and Gigi. I am always drawn to the colors of these kits. Love the spring feel on this one. But the other colors in the kit lend itself wonderfully to summer layouts too. Very versatile.

The photos were actually from a day we got kicked out of the house for them to show it. The weather was perfect so we all went to the park and just had a nice afternoon. The boys LOVE to just run around and I got some great shots so they begged to be scrapped. :)

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Wow--only two more days, and you're still able to scrap. You're amazing!


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