Thursday, May 8, 2008


Sitting here trying very hard not to stress about the house thing. The boys are waking from their nap and I am going to feed them and then get us and the dog out of the house so they hopefully come and do the inspection. They have thrown at us that they want a contingency. I have faith it will all work out but I am having a bad feeling this is going to fall through. I am hoping it is just me being paranoid. I guess the feeling started when I was told yes they were pre-approved and then later found out they are just "in the process" of being pre-approved. Sigh. I know it will work out...trying to just keep the faith and hang in there. Selling a house is stressful!

So I did this page because I loved the colors in this with this kit. I know, not traditional but I tend to be on the crazy side when putting colors together and they usually seem to work for some strange reason. I just think the green in the paper really brings out the colors and the little bit of green in the photo. Credits are Conrad by MSC Designs and Sir Scrapalot over at My Scrap Shop.

Now about the photo. I guess the journaling says it all. I was really surprised at how well this photo came out. I guess I need to broaden my thinking on what good photos are for me. I can look at other people's photography and think it is so beautiful but tend to be very critical when it comes to photos I take or photos with me in them. Ugh...have to get better at that!

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