Monday, November 3, 2008

It's official

Noah has a sinus infection. Poor little guy. Our first antibiotics adventure. They made it orange flavor and he isn't crazy about taking them but he does. So for that I am thankful. I am also thankful we made it to 22 months without anything other than minor colds and stuff. And I am also thankful (and praying this is true) that the pediatrician said this was not contagious because Cameron and Noah share cups all day long and I am not able to get them not to drink after each other. Which really cracks me up because they have the exact same thing in their cups and I let them choose which one they want when I give it to them. But for some reason part of the way through they decide to swap to see what the other has. Very funny to watch. So needless to say, 4 hours of sleep is not fun to live on for a few days so I am headed to bed soon. Thankfully they both did nap today (haven't the last 2 days) so I did manage to sneak in a little nap myself...otherwise there is no way I would still be awake right now!

I did find a really cool project I want to get done this week. It is simple enough, shouldn't take me more than about 30 minutes or so. Just have to fit it in between sickness and the dentist and stuff. Determined to get it done by the end of the weekend though! Will have to share when I will be my first hybrid project. Woo-hoo!


Margaret said...

It's an infection, so it shouldn't be contagious. Get some sleep!! Better days are ahead and more rest, I hope.

Denise said...

Hope he starts feeling better soon!!


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