Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Friday baby!

Cameron is cracking my up. He has started saying "there you go" when he gives you something. But of course he says it way cuter than that. And they have started telling me what they want to eat. Well, when I ask if they want something they say yes or no. Like in the morning when we are having breakfast I ask if they want waffles and if they do they say yes or waffle. Very fun age!

Where is this year gone? I am just amazed at how fast it has flew by. So much still to do and experience. I swear I am going to make a bucket list soon. I need to make one just for me and the boys. Things that we all need to do before they go to school!

Still a sick house around here but we are on the mend at least. Tons to get done this weekend so no time for me to be sick. :) Plus I haven't scrapped in days now...going into some kind of withdraw over here. And I want to pick up knitting again. The boys need little hats and mittens for the winter weather, don't ya think? Off to bed for me...

1 comment:

Margaret said...

It is SUCH a cute age. I love it when they first start communicating with words.


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