Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Back on track

Okay, so we seem to be getting back on track again. Woo-hoo! I need to snap some pictures of my little project from the Jessica Sprague thing but still working on the cover so will have to do that in the next few days.

When I picked up the boys from PDO today they had made these adorable little leaf pictures. first guys art project from school! My heart melted in an instant and I was so proud of my little guys. One of the teachers told me Noah had to have his in a straight moving them any other way. And Cameron arranged so nicely on the page. And of course they had to go up on the refrigerator. Now my rear is motivated to make this really cool thing for the wall to hold their art work. Guess I'll add that to my project list. :)

So of course tonight after dinner we had some extra time and the boys colored for a while.

And Noah decided to color his face. Can you see the blue mustache and mark across his nose?

Man, the last few weeks have been rough! But we are back on track. Today was an awesome day. The boys went to PDO, I ran some errands and then came home to put my project together, M and I went to lunch and then went and picked up the boys. I love that we can go together and pick them up. Always makes me happy when he can go along too.

I will say working on some other type of project when I am in a scrapping rut seems to do the trick to get the creativity back. I am full of ideas and energy again for working on several different projects right now. Won't be able to post a lot of pictures of some of them until after the holidays. But I promise to share some of the fun. :)

Oh! And I have been having a great time finding new recipes to try. I have a weekly menu that I do that I could not survive without. And here lately just feel like we need to try some new things. The boys are pretty good eaters...I am VERY blessed in that respect. But some of the things they will eat are out of the norm for kiddos. Like they don't like sandwiches or wraps yet. No peanut butter of any kind. They do like the normal mac and cheese and grilled cheese, but man you can only make so many grilled cheeses and mac and cheese so many times for lunch. Yesterday I tried just making some grilled chicken with some rice that had broccoli and carrots in it...they ate the rice but not the chicken. I was happy...Noah doesn't touch any kind of green veggie so this was a MAJOR breakthrough! Cameron on the other hand if he sees green beans will eat nothing but green beans...forget anything else on his plate. Very funny to me. They are so different from each other...night and day. So, if you have a favorite recipe your family just loves I would love to have you share it with me. Always up for trying something new.

Okay, off to snuggle with the kiddos before they go to favorite time of the evening!

Edit***So I figured out how to change the background on the blog finally! Now I have to work on the header and a few other things so hang in there with me until I get it all fixed up and spiffy looking. :)


Margaret said...

Cool background. I love the leaf pictures; they're very cute. I LOVE green beans too.

Mel @ Studio MCA Designs said...

So I guess you decided to do it yourself? :)

Jill Scott said...

Your blog looks great. I noticed it right away. Your boys are so dang cute too. But then, you must know that, right? Ha. Love their first artwork. So cute.

Jill H said...

You are so lucky your boys are not even 2 and telling you what they want to eat! Lucas is almost 4 and we are still struggling with this... thank God every night both of your boys are healthy and developing normally :)


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