Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First sentence

Cameron said his first sentence the other day. "I got a squishy." How's that for a first sentence? Whenever the boys have a really wet diaper we say they have a "squishy" while we are changing them. Lately Cameron has been feeling his diaper when I take his pants off to change it and he will say "squishy." So the other morning while changing him I said he had a really good squishy (for those of you who know what we went through with Noah shortly after he was born you know we celebrate any kind of diapers in this house!). So he felt his diaper and looked at me and said "I got a squishy." I laughed...only my child would have his first sentence be about his diaper. Ha!

We are all recovering finally around here. I am thrilled. Only a few more days of antibiotics for the boys. They seem to be back to their cheery selves with just some stuffy noses first thing in the morning. Woo-hoo! Now lets pray it stays this way.

I am taking a class at Jessica Sprague and am so excited about it. It is all about documenting your roots, family, and stories. I really want my children to know about their family and not have to be like me and wonder. So this is right up my alley. Very cool so far but I have some serious work to do to get everything printed out and cut. Just too tired and need the sleep more than I need to finished each day's work. She is one awesome person in my mind and I really love her style and outlook on life.

Off to bed for me now...just wanted to say we were all well and on the mend. Hope you are all well too!


Margaret said...

Fingers crossed that you're all back to better health. A squishy is VERY accurate from what I remember. Little kids are so adorable and funny.

Jill Scott said...

You're off to a great head start with your blog. I have a couple blog awards for you at http://controllingmychaos.blogspot.com/2008/11/blog-awards.html


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