Tuesday, November 18, 2008

All's well that ends well...

Okay, so I am a determined (stubborn) person. I called this other doctor after the one yesterday and luckily got a very nice gal on the phone. I talked to her about the doctor I wanted in to see and he is not accepting new patients. That was okay, I was prepared for that. So I inquired about a few others there and finally after chatting for a while about our situation we set an appointment for the beginning of January. So after chatting some more about my concerns she went and talked with the docs nurse and they are going to take us in a few weeks. See...that is what I was expecting. I can deal with them not being seen on well checks for a month or so out but this was not just a well check. AND we are new to the area and it's not like I am just switching doctors for the sake of switching. Give me a break please (pleading over here). I was lucky enough to get a nice gal and she was nice enough to work with me to get the boys in to be seen and get their shots caught up. Thank you nice lady!

Noah was up until after 11 last night. Not sure what was going on other than he is getting teeth. He just wanted to play with anything he normally isn't supposed to. He would lay down with me for a while but then wanted to get up and play. I tried everything we normally do but nothing was working. Finally a little after 11 I gave up, put him in his bed and I guess he knew I was tired, he cried for a minute (like 3) and then gave up. I had watched the clock because I was going to give him 5 minutes because he and Cameron sleep in the same room. Didn't make it that far. Poor Cameron was up half the night as well because of this. But as usual they were troopers and were back to their usual selves today. Thank goodness! We have had a few whiny, cranky days and I was at my wits end. I think M was too. Thank you boys!!!!!

So needless to say I have done no scrapping for a few days now. And the stuff I worked on before then I can't share since it isn't finished yet. Bummer. But I am working...slowly. Still trying to come up with some more ideas for the holidays. Need to find some good sites or books to get some ideas from.

My little guys aren't so little any longer. Look how big Cameron looks in this picture.

And Noah is into hording cars lately. Very funny to watch him try to walk around holding 4 or 5 cars or so. I know I say it all the time but they really do just crack me up.

And I did manage to capture the Bobo's picture tonight. Have to download it though so will share later. It is a priceless one! Hope you all have a great week!


Margaret said...

I'm glad that you persisted with the doctor because that situation was ridiculous. Little kids need to be seen on schedule!! My kids would never sleep when they were teething; it was awful. I was a basket case!

Jill Scott said...

There's nothing worse than lack of sleep. Except maybe be sick. Ugh. I hope you get some rest soon.


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