Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday night...

Wow...the weekend flew by. Neither of my little ones are feeling 100%. I am starting to wonder if they both picked something up the day we got all began the day after their shots last week so it makes me wonder. I did call the pediatrician about Cameron yesterday and she said she had never heard of the shots causing the reaction he is having. Hmm... She did say it could just be a virus, she had seen them cause the reaction he is having.

So, hard for me to describe what is happening. He is just turning red really easily. Like his face when I took his shirt off the other night had a bog red streak across it. Looks like someone had scratched him. But then in 5-15 minutes it is gone. Very strange.

Noah is having some tummy troubles. Poor little guy isn't eating well...which of course makes me nervous a) because he is so small anyway and b) his Hirschsprung's. I know I shouldn't worry but I can't help it...I'm their mother! So if things aren't better with both of them by tomorrow I will be calling to see if we should go and see the doctor. Fun, fun.

No scraping this weekend. I did some organizing of files and such yesterday and today has been busy. Only 3 hours of sleep last night so going to bed early tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed they both sleep through the night tonight. Noah has started waking and just wanting me to hold him. My friend Cathy has had this go on with her daughter for like a month...guess it's my turn now. And of course if Cameron sees me leave the room with Noah he gets upset too. So it's a catch 22. If I catch Noah before he wakes Cameron all is well. But if not...not so fun. So, really hope they both sleep tonight.

Only one more week. This time next week we will be in our own house and I will probably be unpacking. I just realized the other day I will be without internet a while. Not sure when they will be setting up the connection and such. Since it goes through my hubby and his job he has to set it up. And he is taking a week off for the move so not in a hurry to have it set up. Oh well...some time without my computer will do me good I guess. It will force me to stay focused on the unpacking at least. I am even considering taking the thing in for a check up and to have some more memory added...if it is possible that is. It needs some TLC anyway. :)

Okay, off to see who is the Next Food Network Star and get some sleep! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Margaret said...

Oh, I hope the dear little guys are feeling better. I remember all the issues with Noah; I don't blame you for worrying! Don't assume it's the shots--but sometimes it can be. Doctors will also tell you that teething has no symptoms,which is utter CRAP!!


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