Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Monday again

Another Monday down. Only 11 more days to go until house closing! Just pray all goes according to plan and there are no delays.

I finally finished my final lesson for the digi scrapping class I have been taking. I have to say I LOVE Jessica Sprague classes and plan to take the next one as well. I learned so many short cuts and new things I am amazed. I knew the class was going to be good but it far exceeded my expectations. Very pleasantly surprised.

So this layout is one that I have had a hard time with. I have wanted to document Noah's stay in the hospital shortly after they were born but just could never come up with the right thing. I think this one documents it nicely. And it was an added bonus that I did this for the lesson too. :)
So now I have a few days to make my next freebie and work on some more layouts. I have so many ideas and so little time. Ugh! Can they make a 36 hour day just once a week or something? That or could they make it to where I don't require sleep. That would actually probably be the better solution. I really wish I was one of those people who could get by on less than 8 hours of sleep...I can't.

Okay, off to walk the pup. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

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theladybugpages said...

Hey girlie! Love the layout :) I'm helping you count down the days!


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