Monday, July 21, 2008

Bright and sunny Monday

It's a bright and sunny day here...makes me all cheery and such. Part of that cheeriness may be from the fact that I only have FIVE DAYS TO GO!!!!!!! Okay, I won't keep talking about it but I really can't help myself. :)

About ten years or so ago I got into rubber stamping. My friend Jill had been doing it for a while and I had gone to visit her one December and she was getting ready to make her Christmas cards. I asked if she would show me how to do it too. So we spent the whole weekend making a million trips to Michael's and back and playing with ink, paper and stamps. That is where my obsession began.

For a while I just had a little shoe box of stuff and didn't do much with it. My cards were not the prettiest then. That continued on for a couple years I think. Then, around 2001 or so I found Stampin' Up and fell in LOVE. I even became a demonstrator for them...although more to get the discount to feed my obsession than anything else.

So, here I am almost ten years later and am loving how this has evolved over the years. I am addicted to digital now but want to possibly start doing hybrid projects once I get settled int he new place and unpacked. I have seen so many beautiful hybrid projects lately and don't want all my paper stuff to just sit there and collect dust. :)

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