Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friday freebie a little early

One of my poor babies was sick today. I am really hoping it was just from the shots yesterday. Although they have never gotten sick like this before. They have been a little cranky but never actually sick to the point of throwing up. Poor little guy! He was playing and such today, just not as happy as usual. So we passed on the fun splash pad adventure we had planned for this afternoon. Bummer.

I did get this great little layout done of a friend of mines little girl. This is actually a photo from New Year's Day that I had been wanting to do something with. I used Amy Sumrall's Sumeroo (which is going to be released soon) for this one. I am really digging that kit. Has lots of fun goodies and I love the colors! The glitter overlay is Flergs.

And of course I have to do a freebie for Friday (I know it's Thursday night but it will be Friday in 45 more minutes and busy day tomorrow). MCA Designs has these really cool overlays in her current grab bag and I couldn't resist making these papers with them. I fell in love with experimenting with textures and the overlays. It was a great way to learn some blending techniques. So I used MCA Designs Grab Gab #4 and also some items (textures mainly) from her 2nd and 3rd Grab Bags as well which are now for sale in the store. Enjoy! And as always would love to see what you make with them if you. Grab them here.

Hope you all have a great weekend...I'll be dreaming of next weekend when we finally make the move into a house again! And I'll also be swinging by to check on the progress of it so will snap some more pictures to share.


Pam said...

Your freebie looks great! Just thought I'd tell ya again :)

Hummie said...

I hope your little one is not sick and it is just shots. I like that layout you did for your're a great scrapper....nice style.


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