Sunday, March 30, 2008

Keep your chin up...

That is what I am trying very hard to do. We showed the house 3 times on Thursday and Friday and so far have gotten feedback from 2. One decided to buy in another neighborhood and the other raved about the house but the people wanted a kitchen that opened to the living room. We have 2 things going against us in this house and that is one of them. The other is the master bedroom is upstairs. For some reason people here want it downstairs. I keep telling myself that we wanted it upstairs and the kitchen separate from the living area, the people who built the house wanted it as well so there has to be someone out there that does too. Ugh! I am afraid I am not being very patient. It is just really tough trying to keep everything up and enjoy time with my kiddos. I want to just be able to enjoy life again without having to worry every time the phone rings or wonder if I leave the house are they going to call while I am gone so I better make sure everything is perfect before I leave or just not go. Ugh...I so have to get over this and just deal with it! Okay..whining is out.

We went and tried to get some more pictures in the bluebonnets today...not very much luck today either. I think I am just going to go with the boys one day by myself. It just has to be the right time and hopefully they will still be around when that day happens...the bluebonnets that is. :)

Okay, off to try and get some scrapping done now...hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Margaret said...

That would be hard. It would drive me crazy very quickly. It wouldn't be too bad without children(notice I don't say babies) but would still be annoying to have to have the house perfect at all times. Our master is upstairs and I like that because it feels more private to me. I'm not a fan of having people in or near my bedroom.Our kitchen opens into the dining living areas--but we never really use it. Our family room is where we spend most of our time. Just keep a positive attitude and it WILL happen!


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