Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ah, I sit here thinking about the boys will be 15 months old tomorrow. It just amazes me! A gal came by today with her 4 month old twins and they were SO cute and SO tiny! It is just hard for me to believe my guys were that small just a year ago. They are growing so fast! Both are walking like pros now and have discovered they can carry things with them when they walk. Pretty fun to watch I must admit. Need to download some photos from today and post, lots of cute shots.

I have been finding myself looking at ads in magazines in a whole new way. Kind of cool to me. I always admired how people could look at stuff like that and just get an idea. I have always considered myself crafty but I have to have something to go by. I always said I am really good at copying other people's ideas. :)

So, speaking of crafty and copying ideas...I am off to scrap!

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