Monday, March 3, 2008

It's official

Well, I have 2 little walkers now. Cameron is just walking everywhere. He started last week and just keeps going and going. Noah is still wobbly but he is walking much more than he had been. Wow...I can't believe it! They are just too cute though. Cameron will start walking to you and then make a quick turn around and go back to whoever he was just with. Like he is faking you out. Really fun to watch and he is so proud of himself. They even clap for eachother when the other walks! Such joys to watch.

The house is coming along very slowly. Or at least I feel it is very slowly. In reality it probably isn't that slow, just had so much to do. Painting is done but I am now debating on possibly doing our bathroom. Hmm...should I take on one more project?

No scrapping for me last week. Sigh...but I am determined to get some in tonight. Have so many pictures to share from the 365 Project. Must get caught up on that too. So look for lots of pictures to come!

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