Saturday, January 12, 2008

2008 has been a whole month since I posted. I survived the holidays and the boy's first birthday! Both were great (although I could have done without the in-laws here for as long as they were).

Am I a terrible mom if I don't want my guys to walk yet? Noah is so very close and Cameron won't be far behind. I am just not ready! They are my babies and I want to keep them that way for just a little longer.

Noah is starting to say more words. Cameron is just going on and on with babbling as if he is talking away to us. Very cute when they both get to going back and forth. I am sure they understand each other on some level for some strange reason.

So I have really gotten into this digital scrapbooking thing. This was the first page I did a while back. Simple but I like it.

Hope everyone has been doing great out there!

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