Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The days get away from me and I just can't get everything done I want to. I intended to post yesterday and had so much to say, but it obviously didn't happen.

I can't believe my babies will be a year ols in just three more weeks. It amazes me how quickly they have grown and what great little boys they are. I am very blessed and thankful and tell them that nearly every day. Not sure they understand that yet but I know I just feel like the luckiest mommy in the world.

I can hardly ever get the boys to sit together any longer to take a photo of them together. Heck, they hardly ever sit still for me to take any pictures of them. They are always on the go, go, go. :)

Okay, speaking of go...I better so we can get out of here on time later.

1 comment:

Margaret said...

They are VERY adorable. No, you are a normal mom for not wanting them to walk too soon. It is a lot more work and worry when they do!


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