Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hard lesson to learn

So, I have been MIA the last few days because I have been dealing with trying to recover everything on my external hard drive. All of my pictures of the boys, all of my digital scrapbooking files and layouts are on that drive. I haven't backed it up since November I am sure so more than likely almost all of my digital scrapbooking stuff is gone. I am so bummed. The one thing I pray we can recover is the boy's Christmas and birthday photos. I can deal with losing the others...or at least try to deal. But I pray that we can get those because they truly are irreplaceable. So please, learn from my mistakes and if you do not have your precious photos in more than one spot or backed up...go do so right now!

Now why couldn't I have found this blog a week or two ago?????

More to come later...right now have to work on my layout for the CT Challenge!

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