Thursday, December 3, 2009

My growing boys

Cameron is quite the little artist. He decided it was time to try his little hand at coloring the walls, door and window. It was pretty funny actually. I had to restrain myself from laughing right in front of him when I discovered this. And of course I had to go and grab the camera but haven't downloaded the pictures yet. So this is him coloring at his easle. He decided his comfy chair was in order that day both to stand and to sit on while coloring. He just cracks me up.

I just finished cleaning out separating the boy's clothes in their closets. I had a few things in Cameron's room before but hadn't really finished it yet. Basically he was running out of clothes in his room so I was forced to do this today. Ha!

I always thought I had a ton of clothes for the boys. When you split them up it really doesn't look like much. I guess having two people's clothes in one closet makes it look like way more than what you have in reality. Wow. I am kind of shocked. I also realized I have one sweater for them. One. It is 34 degrees here today and only the first of December. Guess I need to go shopping. And I think we are about to graduate to 4T jammies and even some 4T clothes. Cameron is definitely in a growth spurt. He finished off two waffles this morning and asked for another one. He has been eating like crazy. It just all kind of snuck up on me how fast they are really growing. Sigh. It is just strange for me because they stayed in 24 month and 2T things for over a year and then just all of the sudden, wham, they almost skipped over the 3T stuff.

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Margaret said...

I LOVE the photo--I bet your boys will be very crafty like you are. 4T already? What happened to those babies??


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