Saturday, December 12, 2009

Random meanderings

If anyone needs to know what to get me for Christmas I need some kind of heated foot warmer thingy. Ha! I hate that my feet always stay cold. And the fact that our temperatures this year have been MUCH colder than last doesn't help. It didn't get this cold until January last year. We had it lucky I guess our first year here. Not that I like it any less, just have to adjust and adapt. :)

It is so great having others who "get" what you are experiencing. Being new to an area and having to start all over again is tough. I mean really tough when you have done it as many times as I have. Even before I met my husband I had moved a lot. And together he and I have moved a total of four time and we have only been married five years, but living together almost seven. That sounds better I guess on the number of times we moved. All but one of the moves have been cross-country. And we stayed in the same house for four years (the first four years we were married) and thought that was a record!

But anyway, back to the "getting it" thing. It is tough when you have know what you need to find logically but can't figure out how to find it. Logically speaking I know I need to find other moms to hang out with my kiddos and do stuff with. But man it is so tough to break out of "routine" and make an effort. Especially with twin nearly three year old boys who act wild and crazy and you are constantly chasing them around instead of talking with the other moms. I know this will change as the boys get older. I am positive it will, they are already doing better with it. But it still doesn't make it any easier at the moment.

I did finish our Christmas card today (well, did the whole thing actually). Thankfully M kept the boys so I could do this seeing as it took half the day. Crazy. The strange part for me is that once it finally does come together it happens quickly. It just takes forever to get to that point. So I guess I can share it when I get them all sent out. :)

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Margaret said...

It is tough to do anything that's not in a routine because there's very little time to do anything extra with little kids. I remember!! Glad you got those cards done.


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