Saturday, November 28, 2009

It really should be Sunday

I have felt a day off for the last several days now. Oh well, guess I will get back on track at some point next week.

Okay, Noah has started calling Cameron "Pain." Not sure if this is actually what he was saying in the beginning but that is what it sounded like. When I would ask him he would stop saying it. Then I would ask Cameron what Noah was saying and he would just look at me like I was crazy or something. Like, don't you understand?

Well, today Cameron started not liking him calling him "Pain." Anytime Noah would say it Cameron would come back with the pouty face and say, "I am not Pain." So that would make Noah say it even more. They crack me up. No idea where all the stubbornness comes from. Hmm...

The rooms are going well so far. Tomorrow night will make a week. Still haven't taken any pictures. They feel so empty to me. Have to get several things for both of their rooms and I have to put some stuff up on the wall. I let them both pick out what they wanted as the "theme" for their rooms. Surprise, they both picked cars, boats, trains and airplanes. Go figure. So I found a cute lamp at Target and this I guess will be my starting point. I got some canvases the other day and want to attempt painting them with their names to hang. Not really sure if I can paint or not but have wanted to attempt this for a while now.

We put up the tree today. The boys were funny. They loved hanging the bulbs and actually did a very good job with the help of their daddy picking them up to reach the higher spots. I just want to capture every moment on film or video but know I can't. I wonder at times if they will ever look at the thousands of pictures or videos I have taken. I know I often wish I had more of my past saved.

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Margaret said...

No, it should NOT be Sunday; I'm not ready! No tree yet although I did do some decorating. There are many people I would like to nickname Pain. That is very cute! :)


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