Friday, November 27, 2009


I am really and truly blessed. Lucky, whatever you want to call it. I call it blessed. I have had so many sweet moments with the boys this last week I can hardly recall all of them at the moment. One of the ones that truly stands out to me is the other night I was putting Cameron to bed. He has really started to love having us read his Bible to him every night before bed (a while back I got them their own Children's Bibles) and it is really something that makes me feel so very blessed every time he asks for it. We read it for a while and then he falls asleep, usually with it open, a while later. I love this picture every night when I go in.

But that is not the sweet moment I had with him the other night. We were reading about Zacchaeus and I told him I knew a song about Zacchaeus and asked if he wanted me to sing it to him. He, of course since he LOVES music of any kind, said yes. So after I sang that several times he asked for another "Bible song" over and over again until I had exhausted every "Bible song" I knew.

Then last night when M and I were going to bed he told me that the night before when he had Cameron on the changing table Cameron said "I am God and you are Jesus." It cracked me up of course. He has really been into pretending he is other people, things or animals these days. So this statement caught me way by surprise. And I couldn't help but fall asleep being thankful last night for a little guy that is already, at the age of nearly 3, wanting to learn so much about God.

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Nola1130 said...

love your new blog theme. Great to see some great memories for you and Cameron.


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