Friday, August 28, 2009

Is that the paparazzi?

I came across this word today and thought it was funny...Mom-a-raz-zi. Kind of like a paparazzi but a mom who runs around stalking their kids taking pictures. Hmm...that would be me. Hopefully some day they will thank me for it. This has become Cameron's face whenever he sees me coming with the camera.

So today I decided Cameron was going to learn how to have quiet time if it killed me. He has decided if he doesn't want to be in his bed he will start screaming. I call it scream talking, not really screaming but not really talking, kind of a mix of the two. The last few days of it I have gone in and attempted to get him to be quiet. Today I decided to take a lesson from the cry it out method and let him scream it out. Praying it works! He did it for what felt like FOREVER, which in reality was probably more like five minutes. He stopped and when I finally went in a few minutes ago he was snoozing away.

I know he still needs a nap. He is GROUCHY when he doesn't take one. So we'll see what happens over the next few weeks. Still praying this is all a phase because they really do need that nap to get them through the day. I would much rather move their bed time later if I have to than deal with the little crazy boys I have had the last two weeks from lack of sleep.

So now I am downloading the 169 pictures I took the last two days and doing laundry. Fun, fun. But thankful I am able to do that and praying for happy little boys when they wake. :)

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Margaret said...

I had a screamer who got easily over stimulated. I had to learn to let her cry it out and leave her alone. It was difficult!!


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