Saturday, August 22, 2009

I have truly come to realize that motherhood is not for the faint of heart. It has been over a week now since the boys have taken a nap and I am so at a loss of what to do all day long. Before we played hard in the morning and in the afternoon because they got all rested up at nap time. Now I am searching for the balance yet again. If we play too hard they are exhausted and cranky. If we don't play hard enough they start fighting with one another. Hmm, must learn to be a preschool teacher or something because those gals got it going on. They keep those little ones just busy enough with quiet times sprinkled throughout. Just can't seem to get anything accomplished around the house because I spend every minute it seems entertaining the kiddos. I know, I know, it will get better and I will figure it out. Just in time for them to change on me again I am sure. :)

So, this past week has been interesting. We have done a lot of stuff we probably wouldn't have done otherwise if they had been napping. But I know I can't do this every day of every week. So now we have to find a new routine and fast. Our old bed time is slowly creeping earlier and earlier. They are falling asleep in the car if we drive anywhere in the late afternoon so I know they are exhausted. Just refusing to nap in their beds. So what else can I do? They have quiet time in their beds for at least an hour and that's about it. I do wonder if this is a phase or if it is a permanent thing. I guess I am dreaming that it may be a phase. Ha! Oh how I am missing those naps already!

My sweet little one brought me flowers tonight. Hubby and Cameron came home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers this evening after a particularly hard dinner out with Noah. We (Noah and I ) came home while Cameron and M went to look at plants like I had promised Cameron we would do after dinner. It was a wonderful surprise and much needed cheering up for me. In kind of a fun the last few days. I am sure it has a lot to do with the feelings from trying to readjust the boys' schedules. Sigh.

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Margaret said...

They start to transition out of naps between 3-4, as they get ready to go to school. It's normal but HARD. They're not quite ready to not nap,yet they also don't need to as much--but still get cranky. Not pretty at all.


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