Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wow, can't believe we are coming to the end of summer already. In one more week the boys will be back in "school" and fall will be just around the corner. So strange to live in a place we get four seasons. Just wonderful!
We had a good summer. This is Cameron playing with a ladybug while our friends were here visiting from Texas. A good time was had by all and of course they still talk about their friends from Texas. We even went to see some new friends here last week and she is now known as "different Cathy, not same as Rilee's mom" because she shares the same name as our friend from Texas. Very cute.
Still working on getting things moved around. Made a lot of progress in the beginning of last week and then pooped out. Hoping I will get it all done this week with regards to putting things away. It was nice to sit and pay bills in a spot over the weekend that I didn't have to pick it all up and move it around either when I started or when I was finished. Ah, good feeling. The little things that make a difference.


Margaret said...

The end of summer-wahh! But I do like fall. I'm glad that things are getting organized.It always makes me feel more in control!

Michelle said...

I have to laugh about the four seasons thing. Texas definitely has two. We were so excited today because it was in the 80's most of the day!

Oh, and my email is mizchulita at yahoo if you want to chat. :-)


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