Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting it all set back up

So, getting all my actions and things set back up on the new computer. I am AMAZED at how fast they run! It would literally take minutes for my old computer to run most of them and then half the time they wouldn't even work correctly. It took seconds, did you get that...seconds, for this one to run. Yippee! Wish I would have attempted this a little sooner. But it was fun. Know I will be playing with some photos the next few weeks for sure now.
Oh, also been working on getting all my duplicates gone from when my external hard drive crashed about a year and a half ago. I think once I finish that I will be able to finally do the boys' baby books! Yippee! Feeling like I have gotten so much done these last two weeks but really have nothing to show for it except for my own knowledge of the fact it got done. Sigh. But I feel better about it if that makes a difference. ;)


Margaret said...

My newish computer is also very fast compared to my 11 year old one; thanks to my computer genius, it has my old stuff on it though, so I feel comfortable with it. I like playing with photos!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Hi Lee Anne, It's been awhile since I've stopped by for a visit. The boys are just as cute as ever. I'm glad to see you are getting your computer ducks in a row. I so desperately need to sit down and deal with my pictures from 08. I live in fear of the computer crashing and losing them all.

I love the pink layout down below. Pink is not just for girls anymore. :)

Nola1130 said...

Hi Lee Anne,
Great photo! Am looking forward to more photos and current events with the boys.


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