Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wow...Saturday is already gone. Quick day and I can't say we did anything special because we didn't. The boys took a very LONG nap. Neither of them slept well last night which means neither did I. They didn't really require my attention but every time they wake up I wake up. It was almost like they were just making enough noise to wake me up and then they would go back to sleep. Hmm...they plotted against me or something so I would go to bed early tonight. . :)

I did go to a scrapping think at the church we are looking at going to. It was just me and another gal but I got an entire layout done!

Credits: Back 2 School by MCA Designs and the brush was Fall Foliage by Jason.

Then the scrapping gods must have had some mercy on me or something because when I saw this cute little kit today I just threw this page together. I was amazed at how fast it just came together! Loving the robots!

Credits: Kit was My Robot, title is from Boy Say What and staples are from Cool Like That all by Colie's Corner.

Only a week and a half to go and I get to go to a scrapbooking convention! It will be the first time I leave the boys overnight so I am a little nervous but I know they will be fine so i am determined to enjoy myself. Not to mention they have a jam packed schedule so I am going to stay super busy!

Cameron is really starting to say his words very clearly now. The few he doesn't I haven't been able to figure out until today! He has been saying what sounded like "Ta-bow" for the last month at least. He has been saying it a lot the last few weeks. I finally figures out today he is saying "window!" I couldn't believe it! They are also starting to sign things as well. He just out of the blue one day starting doing the sign for "eat" when it was almost dinner time. I was shocked and at first thought I was just being a proud mommy. But no, he does that and drink (although they can say that), milk, and few others. Floored me! I had done the signs with them when they were really little but haven't really done them lately. Funny what those little brains remember!

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