Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We did it!

The boys went today for the first time to the Parent's Day Out program! The teachers told me they did fantastic! No crying at all from either. And I didn't stay too long this morning when I dropped them off. I did feel lost without the little guys all day and didn't know what to do with myself. I ran errands and checked out some things I have been needing to do. All in all...a good day!

My little guys all ready to go this morning...still looking a little sleepy. :)

And this one is them walking up to the building. They were so freaking adorable with their little rolly backpacks!

When we got home I ask then if they had fun today. This was Noah's reaction. :)

And Cameron's...

And these were the little gifts they brought the teachers. I also made some cute little matching tags for their bags and stuff I will share later.

As we were leaving, the director of the program was helping me out with the kiddos and she told me not to be disappointed if when we come on Friday or next week they don't do as well. I am guessing they had a banner day or something because I was thrilled they made it the entire time! Even if they don't make it the whole time on Friday this was a MAJOR accomplishment for us. Probably me even more than them! He, he. :)


Denise said...

yay Lee Anne, I'm so glad it went so well!!

Mel @ MCA Designs said...

I am so glad that you all had a good day! Those photos are SWEEEET!

mommyjill said...

Yea!!!- glad it went well. Lukey melted after he went for about 2 weeks when he realized that I was leaving him there- but it passes quickly- enjoy your mommy time!


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