Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keeping my fingers crossed we actually get to start with the Parent's Day Out program tomorrow. Cameron was sneezing earlier today. If we don't get to then we don't get to. I will try again next week...but I really would like to try tomorrow. :)

I was able to do a layout tonight. Woo-hoo! Simple but I am working on the first page. This will be page 2. I did it for a challenge over at Gotta Pixel.

Credits: Kit is Apple Orchard by Colie's Corner and font is CK Ali's Hand (which I am addicted to)

I am amazed at how much the boys are starting to talk. I am happy at how much the boys are starting to talk. I was actually getting a little worried. But these last few weeks their vocabulary has really picked up and they are really starting to put things together.

Their grandparents left yesterday afternoon and all day today Cameron kept saying "Paw-Paw." I felt bad having to tell him they had gone home! We had gotten their baths and ready for bed and were going down the stairs and Cameron was asking for Paw-Paw. He knew Paw-Paw had been waiting for him each time downstairs. Made me sad! So Paw-Paw, know that you and Nana are missed! Cameron also asked for Daddy this evening as well. Guess M is going to have to start talking to them on the phone or something because they are starting to understand when he is gone.

I will say they did the cutest thing ever today and my camera was no where in sight! Noah had laid down on the carpet on his blanket and Cameron came over and laid next to him for a minute and then he leaned over and laid on Noah's back and just snuggled. It made my heart melt. Where was the camera when I need it!?!?!?!?!?!? But I will always have the sweet memory of the two of them doing that.

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Margaret said...

That is so sweet! I know that twins do have a special bond. My 2 year old nephew is crazy about my dad. He calls him Papa too.


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