Friday, September 4, 2009


So the other day I was holding Cameron on my lap and we were talking. I asked him (and please don't ask me why I asked this question because I have no earthly idea as to why I did) if he would like a baby brother or sister. It all started out with a book we had just finished reading shortly before and we were playing and he said something about a baby. He emphatically stated "no." Noah has already expressed his dislike of my holding another baby when we went to visit his new baby cousin back in July. I guess it would be safe to say at this point they do not want a sibling.

So I have just given up on the removing of clothing during "nap" time. As long as they keep their diaper on I am fine with them taking it all off. They are pretty funny actually. I sit by the monitor and listen to them because they talk about it as they are removing items. They laugh and giggle and it makes me giggle too just knowing they are being so silly. Now I just have to teach them how to put all the clothes back on. But today I walked in to this...

Pretty funny if you ask me. I hesitated to post the pictures because they both look so skinny! You would never believe me if I told you how much food they actually eat each day. I am amazed. I am also nervous for what the future holds when these two are 16 and eating me out of house and home!


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