Monday, September 14, 2009

Scrappy days

Well, I decided one of the ways to make me scrap more is to join in on a contest or two. Always guaranteed to get me scrapping again. I loved the kit for this weeks round and the only thing I would change about this one is the lettering for the title. I still don't have everything loaded on to the new computer so my font choices were limited and I wasn't able to use an alphabet from another kit. But this turned out cute in my opinion so I was happy. Cameron was thrilled to get this little orange car finally! You can check out my layout if you want over here for my entry.

Credits: Kit was A New Day by Christy Skaggs
Fonts: Impact, Times New Yorker, and VT Portable Remington

Fun kit to work with and I can see me using this a lot for pictures from this summer. Has some fun colors and of course Cameron's favorite orange in it. That is actually harder to find than one might think. But it was the perfect match for his new favorite shirt. :)


Cathy said...

How lovely that you're getting chances to scrapbook again! Cameron's new page is cute! I thought this was going to be a tale of 'crappy days' that you were making sound more pleasant by calling them scrappy days...glad things are going well.

Elizabeth said...

Like Cathy, I had ideas of what this post was going to be about based on the title too. My guess was that the boys had been very active lately and had the wounds to prove it! :)

Nola1130 said...

Too cute. Left you love on GDS. Good luck making it through the next round.


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