Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The gym

I did it. I joined a gym this morning. I didn't work out but I took the first step! I do plan to go tomorrow and am making my appointment with a trainer to learn what I need to be doing. Woo-hoo!

So why is it if we know that certain foods and such are so much better for us we still eat all the junk? I think for me it is convenience and worrying about my kiddos. I love fresh fruits and yet I find myself not eating them nearly as much as I used to. I think part of me wants to make sure I have them for the kids each day and don't run out. Does that sound crazy or what? Trying to change my thinking but man is it hard to do. I did do one thing that I am hoping will help. I subscribed to a local delivery service that provides fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farmers. If it is being delivered to my home I am more likely to eat it and not worry so much about having enough since it will come weekly.

One of my frustrations since we have moved here is the huge lack of good produce at the local grocery stores. It is sad. I live in the middle of farm country and yet the produce is all moldy and half bad before I even get it home. I have become VERY selective on what I am bringing home these days because I have ended up throwing so much of it away. You get a thing of strawberries or blueberries home and open it to discover moldy ones in there...and you just bought it the day before. Ugh!

My mom asked me the other day if I took them back to where I got it. I told her I gave up. I would be taking stuff back nearly daily if I did that. And I just can't run to the store every day to pick up fresh stuff. As much as I would like to I just can't. If we lived within walking distance of the store I would in a heartbeat. But packing up two little ones that do not want to go to the store and then trekking around the place is not fun. So I really try and limit it to twice a week and usually try to go after they go to bed or first thing on Saturday mornings (I find this actually has the best selection if I am lucky enough to get to go then).

Okay, that was my rant. I feel better. Just annoying that we live in the middle of farm country and I can't even get decent produce at the store!


Cathy said...

If you're doing the Farm Fresh Delivery, you'll love it! Their fruit is SO GOOD! And how smart to schedule Mom's Night Out for tonight...one more Lava Cake before you start to work out!

Elizabeth said...

Which grocery store do you frequent? My favorite for produce is Meijer (I usually drive to the one in Avon).

And good for you for joining a gym! Let me know how it goes!

Margaret said...

YAY for gyms. We belong to the Y where I sometimes run or do zumba. I like outside exercise better though! We have really good produce around here and a Farmer's Market too; it is fairly agricultural in WA though too. Do you suppose they ship out/sell all the good stuff and then leave the icky produce for you guys? It wouldn't be the first time that happened. We are well-known for apples, but I would swear that our best ones are sold elsewhere and we're getting them out of cold storage.

Nola1130 said...

I guess I am the cynic....or at least this just hit my funny bone...joining and gym and not working out. I love it. I joined 24 fitness about 7 years ago. I still maintain my membership (it is only 60/year...because I joined when it just opened). I go, perhaps, 6-10 times per year. I hope you do better than me with your attendance.

I look forward to hearing about your fresh fruit deliveries. Sounds great.

Michelle said...

Awesome that you joined the gym! Do they have good childcare?

The only way I eat fruit and veggies is to not have anything else in the house. It works. Otherwise I'll eat just about anything else. It has helped Sage make more healthful choices as well. I haven't signed up with our local farmer's coop because it's so darn expensive. I think I'd enjoy it, though.


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