Thursday, February 10, 2011

May I please have a spoon?

This was the simple request for the gal at Chick-fil-A this morning.  Probably not such a strange one but what we were using the spoon for was pretty funny.  And she thought that was the funniest request she had ever gotten, I could hear the whole staff laughing as we rolled up the window. 

I was taking Noah to school and it had snowed a little over night.  He wanted to eat the snow.  And being the accommodating mother than I am, I got a spoon from the sweet gal at Chick-fil-A while getting our breakfast and stopped the car to get him some snow.  I know, I am a dork.  ;)


Margaret said...

It sounds wonderful! Fresh snow is fun to eat. :)

Ahmad Zulqarnain said...


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