Thursday, April 14, 2011


Oh my what a slacker I have become this whole last year on my blog!  I can't believe I didn't even make one single post in the month of March.  Shame, shame on me!!!!!

So you are probably wondering what in the world the boys look like since it has been FOREVER since I have posted any photos of them.  I guess that is one of the draw backs of having moved closer to family...not as urgent to update the good old blog, eh?

Both of them have decided they don't like having their picture taken this last year.  These are the kind of shots I get now when I say, "Let me take a picture."

But hey, these days I will take anything.  They are growing so freaking fast it is making my head spin.

So what have I been doing with all my time?  A lot of it has been spent outside these days.  Working like crazy on the yard and just being outside with the boys...who would live out there if I allowed them to.  That is the question I hear from the time they wake up until they go to bed each night, "Can we go outside?"  I am REALLY missing having a fence!  Although today I had something I HAD to get done so I let them play in the back yard while I sat right at the door finishing it.  I could hear and see them but wasn't actually out there...I felt so guilty! 

Still attempting to get this house unpacked but I am afraid it won't happen until over the summer.  Sigh.  It stresses me out but I am finally at a place where I just keep telling myself, one step at a time.  I have to keep repeating that over and over again.  It's tough being the only one doing it and trying to take care of a family and all.  So much crap stuff to go through and I just get overwhelmed.  I'll get there!

Both of the boys go to different schools and of course not even on the same schedule.  So I spend a lot of time in my car.  I don't know how people with kids that are enrolled in 50 activities do it.  I feel like we are always in the car going somewhere.  Crazy.  I don't think I would mind so much if it came together a little better but we have these chunks of time where it's too far to go home but too long to just go to the next place and wait.  Annoying.  I guess I better get used to it.  Need to take up knitting again.  :)

So that's been pretty much my last several months.  Happy to have warmer weather arriving so we can get outside.  Being couped up this last winter was NOT fun for any of us.  It was way worse here than in Indy...WAY worse.

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Margaret said...

Those photos are both cute! I spent many, many hours in my car driving kids places. I always had a book with me for the wait.


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