Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I found these very cool shoes and they arrived this last week. I haven't worn them yet since it has been on the chilly side but do plan on it soon. I normally don't like to wear shoes without socks but they were very comfortable when I put them on and walked around the house in them. And it's a great cause so go and check them out! They even have some for little ones and men! I love that they donate a pair for each that you buy to a child in need. They were sold out of the ones I really wanted so may have to get another pair when they get them back in stock. These will be the perfect summer shoes!

All went well on Monday. Still no results but praying they have them today. They said it usually takes about 2 days so I will call this afternoon if they haven't called me. She did tell me I could. ;)

1 comment:

Margaret said...

Cute shoes and keep us posted on your news. Hoping for the best!!


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