Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Come on, seriously?  One post for the month of October!!!!!!  Okay, shame on me.  I have let the good old blog fall by the wayside since we ventured into this move at the beginning of the summer.  But I will be back!!!!  I have been struck with lots of inspiration these last several weeks and am planning so many fun adventures for the new year.  Hopefully December too! 

One of my ideas was trying to figure out if I want to post a different topic each day of the week.  I know there are lots of good blogs out there (one of my favorite blogs) that do this and I think it would help me to be more focused and organized.  Hmm...any thoughts?

As we were driving along yesterday Cameron, out of the blue, said he wanted to move back to our old house in Indiana.  It just breaks my heart over and over again.  He has been talking about this a lot these days.  That and our dog, Indy.  I think this move has been much harder on him than everyone has realized.  That may be why we have been experiencing such a hard time with him these days (another reason for my bloggy absence).  I am hoping with the holidays and him getting to see his grandparents more this will help.  He is really such a sensitive little guy and these things really do more to him than I think.  Wish I knew exactly what to do to make it better!  I did suggest we send a Christmas present to our puppy back in Indiana.  I am sure the gal who has him now will not mind...she has been sweet about letting me know how he is doing thankfully.

So, hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.  We are lucky to now be within driving distance from my husband's family so we get to go and spend time with family this year...and I don't have to cook (or clean house)!  So for that I am very thankful!

I have decided I may brave the Black Friday crowds after all this year.  I am SO NOT a Black Friday kind of girl.  But there are a few things I want to pick up at such incredible prices so it may be worth it (one of them for me!).  The boys haven't gotten into video games yet but they are going to have a Leapster II for $25...I would be crazy not to get the thing!  Even if I wait a while to give them to the boys I would be silly not to get them if I can.  Maybe I'll just stay up the entire night instead of sleeping seeing as several places are actually opening up on Thanksgiving night!

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Margaret said...

Moving is stressful on everyone. It seems like children should be more adaptable and flexible, but I don't know if that's the case. They probably don't understand why they're upset, so they act out and we assume it's other reasons. (age, tiredness, etc...)They'll adjust, but it'll take more time. Having the grandparents near is a real plus!!


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