Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wow, I can't believe this is the boys 3rd Halloween. It really doesn't feel like it. This is their first year:

This is their second year (couldn't get a shot of them together to save my life!):

And this is this year:

They are getting so big and continue to amaze me every day. They even picked out their own costumes this year! When C decided he wanted to be Batman we said okay. N wouldn't pick out a costume so we went home and decided we would try again another day. While I was playing with the boys C wanted to dress up in his Batman costume so we were all playing and I mentioned Robin and Batman being friends. Immediately N wanted to be Robin. So off to the store we went. It was very cute actually. That night they both put the costumes on and ran around the house and kept calling each other "friend." Makes a mommies heart swell with pride and warm fuzzies!

We had a great time today. The boys got to go to a trunk or treat this morning for my MOPS group and then they got to trick or treat around the neighborhood adn then come home to give out candy. I was shocked that C wanted to go home way before N. N would have kept on going but I finally convinced him we would have so much more fun giving out candy. :)

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