Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick or Treat...a little early

These are what I sent to the boy's class today for special treats for the kiddos. I am such a geeky mom. I love doing stuff like this and wish I had more time for it. Yes, I will want to be one of those home room moms that loves to do stuff for the class. I just hope I don't embarrass my kiddos too much!

I have a post I started a while back and am on the fence about posting. I don't want to offend but it came from my heart and it is just what I am dealing with at the moment. I had been reading another multiple mom's blog and I just sat and wrote, and wrote and wrote some more after reading it. Being a twin mom is all I know. I don't know what it is like to have one child at a time and some days I have really longed to know what that feels like...and I have felt much guilt over having those feelings. So maybe I will post it soon. Just still on the fence.


Margaret said...

I was always a room mom and loved it. I'm sure I embarrassed my girls at times, but they would say now that they were delighted to have me there. It's like they say--we only get appreciated afterward, but not at the time. I would love to read your other post.

LauraC said...

Dang, those are awesome. You're making the rest of us look bad. ha!

I say blog about whatever you're going to blog about. I used to long for the one baby experience but then watching all my friends go from 1-2, I'm SO GLAD I had twins. But don't feel guilt over it, it is completely natural.

mommyjill said...

Trust me, I have one and he feels like 5 some days! Like you said twins is all you know, and having 1 special needs child is all I know. Days like today try my last nerve, but most days I love my little guy and everything he does, and I feel so blessed to have him.


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